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Hot Insulation

Removable insulation is specifically designed to insulate piping systems transporting gas and substances at high temperatures. The materials used to construct the insulation work to prevent your pipes from overheating while keeping the warmth inside the pipe. This helps to cut down on energy bills for your facility, saving you money in the long run.

So, what materials are used during circumstances that require hot insulation? Well, that depends on the intended purpose of the pipe being insulated. There is a laundry list of materials to choose from, all with different purposes. Below are 3 common materials:

Cray Flex: This material has a high thermal, heat, and chemical resistance, while still produced from high-quality raw materials.
Resin Bonded Rockwool: Used in both cold and hot insulation, resin bonded Rockwool has high thermal, chemical and heat resistance with unmatched dimensional stability.
Spiral-wrap Fiberglass: This type of fiberglass is difficult to install but extremely inexpensive for your hot insulation needs. It both keeps the contents being transported at the proper temperature while ensuring the excess heat remains within the piping system.
The most important part about picking a hot insulation material is understanding the maximum temperature the insulation will be covering. Components less than 350°F can be covered with off-the-shelf pre-molded fiberglass. When components are near or above temperatures of 1000°F, silica or ceramic insulation is usually required. It is very important to adhere to manufacturers ‘ suggestions when picking and installing insulation for hot components.

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